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Migrant News

Sustainable reintegration of migrant workers demanded

Ovibashi Karmi Unnayan Program (OKUP) hosted the event to demand the reincorporation of the returnee migrant workers into tasks based on their learned skills so they could function as contributing members in society

Rights activists call for sustainable reintegration of migrant returnees

Reintegration is not merely economic support, it should be ensured socially too, said Mr. Shakirul Islam, Chairperson of OKUP at a national consultation titled ‘Building Back Better: Lessons Learned on Sustainable Reintegration of Bangladeshi Returnee Migrant Workers’ by Ovibashi Karmi Unnyan Program (OKUP) on Tuesday.

Regularise, recognise sub-agents

Shakirul Islam, chairperson of Ovibashi Karmi Unnayan Program, said recruiting agencies should take the whole responsibility for workers’ migration

PKB asked to simplify conditions for migrants on reintegration loans

The OKUP conducted research with objectives to gain better understanding of the situation relating to the disbursement of the reintegration loan, and identify the positive and negative factors to access the migrants to reintegration loan

Ease conditions of reintegration loan for returnee migrants: Experts

“Ovibashi Karmi Unnyan Program (OKUP) organized the research report sharing consultation on “Sustainable Economic Reintegration of Bangladeshi Migrant Workers: The Role of Probashi Kallyan Bank” at a city hotel on Saturday. The study identified some drawbacks in disbursement of reintegration loans that include the problems with finding guarantors, collecting bank statement, proving trade license, requirement of prior investment and fear of loan recovery.”

Ethical recruitment is the answer

Ethical recruitment is the answer Ethical recruitment and zero cost migration in the context of the Eighth Five-Year Plan The Daily Star The Government of Bangladesh’s prioritisation of remittances as an important tool to support development and drive Bangladesh’s economy further is reflected in their migration-related programmes and planning. Remittances should be prioritised, and as […]

Ensure low-cost, hassle-free labour migration: Stakeholders

Ensure low-cost, hassle-free labour migration: Stakeholders Good governance can take out invisible labour migration costs at different government levels Stakeholders have called for efforts to reduce labour migration cost and make the process hassle-free as Bangladeshi workers, compared to those in major labour sourcing countries, pay more to get overseas jobs and earn less. They […]

Ethical recruitment is the answer; Speakers tell discussion on labour migration: The Daily Star

Pointing to exorbitant migration costs migrant workers have to pay in Bangladesh, Shakirul Islam, chairperson of Ovibashi Karmi Unnayan Program, said such situations often lead migrant workers into forced labour. He stressed on making sub-agents accountable to ensure ethical recruitment practices. Read full news: https://www.thedailystar.net/nrb/migration/news/ethical-recruitment-the-answer-2990196

COP26 must address climate change and modern slavery: an open letter to Rt Hon Alok Sharma

As the world welcomes the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) in the UK, we’re pleased to publish a joint letter to the Rt Hon Alok Sharma MP, President of COP26, and Patricia Espinosa, Executive Secretary, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, signed by 58 actors across the human rights, anti-slavery, environmental, academic and business sectors. […]

For Bangladesh’s climate migrants, pandemic job cuts fuel ‘multiple crises’

For climate migrants, the problem is much bigger,” said migrant researcher Shakirul Islam. “Firstly, the job loss due to COVID affects their livelihood and then they have to return to their villages which were always vulnerable.”

কর্মীর ঘাড়ে ৩৫০ কোটি টাকার বোঝা

এ বিষয়ে অভিবাসন খাতের বেসরকারি সংস্থা অভিবাসী কর্মী উন্নয়ন প্রোগ্রামের চেয়ারম্যান শাকিরুল ইসলাম প্রথম আলোকে বলেন, 

Perilous Journey to Europe: 264 Bangladeshis rescued in Med

Perilous Journey to Europe: 264 Bangladeshis rescued in Med

OKUP demands budget allocation equivalent to 10pc of remittances

Ovibashi Karmi Unnayan Programme (OKUP) has demanded allocation equivalent to 10 per cent of total remittances, sent by migrant workers annually, in the upcoming national budget for ensuring the welfare of workers.

অভিবাসীদের উন্নয়ন বাজেটে রেমিট্যান্সের ১০% বরাদ্দ চায় ওকাপ

আগামী বাজেটে অভিবাসীদের উন্নয়নে রেমিট্যান্স বা প্রবাসী আয়ের ১০ শতাংশ বরাদ্দের দাবি জানিয়েছে অভিবাসী কর্মী উন্নয়ন প্রোগ্রাম (ওকাপ)।

রেমিট্যান্সের শতকরা ১০ শতাংশ অভিবাসীদের উন্নয়ন বাজেট হিসাবে বরাদ্দের দাবি

অভিবাসী কর্মীদের পাঠানো বার্ষিক রেমিট্যান্সের উপর শতকরা ১০ শতাংশ উন্নয়ন বাজেট হিসাবে অভিবাসীদের উন্নয়ন, কল্যাণ ও সুরক্ষার জন্য বরাদ্দ দেওয়ার দাবি জানিয়েছে অভিবাসী কর্মী উন্নয়ন প্রোগ্রাম (ওকাপ)। শনিবার (২৯ মে) গণমাধ্যমে পাঠানো এক সংবাদ বিজ্ঞপ্তিতে এই তথ্য জানায় ওকাপ।

Tough time to eke out a living

Mohammad Delwar from Cumilla used to work as a room service provider at a hotel in Malaysia. He came home on vacation in December 2019, but could not go back to Malaysia following Covid-induced travel restrictions since early 2020.

Govt urged to allocate 10% of remittance for migrant workers’ welfare

Ovibashi Karmi Unnayan Program (OKUP), is a community based migrants organization in Bangladesh, has demanded to set aside 10 percent of the inward remittance in the new budget to ensure migrant workers’ development and welfare.rged to allocate 10% of remittance for migrant workers’ welfare

Faulty process, false promises

Around 151 Bangladeshi female migrant workers, or around 58 percent of those surveyed, returned home within one year of their migration to Middle Eastern countries after facing various challenges, including exploitative work conditions, according to a study report of Ovibashi Karmi Unnayan Programme (Okup).lty process, false promises  

Female migrants forced to pay TK 1.5 lakh: study

On paper, a Bangladeshi female who wants to go to a Middle Eastern country for work, doesn’t need to spend a penny, but the reality is different….. click for details

FE journalist receives award for contributions to migration sector

A journalist of The Financial Express (FE), Arafat Ara, has won the prestigious OKUP Media Award-2020 for her outstanding contributions to the migration sector…click for details

দেশে ভালো নেই অভিবাসী মায়েদের সন্তানেরা

সন্তানের সুন্দর ভবিষ্যতের জন্য তাদের দেশে রেখে কাজ নিয়ে বিদেশে যান মায়েরা। অভিবাসী নারী কর্মীরা কষ্টের উপার্জনের বেশির ভাগটাই পরিবারের জন্য দেশে পাঠিয়ে দেন। কিন্তু ভালো নেই অভিবাসী এই মায়েদের সন্তানেরা। অযত্নে বড় হচ্ছে তারা। স্কুল থেকে ঝরে পড়ে। অসুখেও ভোগে। মায়েরা ভরসা করে যে অভিভাবকের কাছে সন্তানদের রেখে যান, তাঁদের কাছেই শারীরিক ও মানসিকভাবে […]

“And who, better than a former exploited migrant, can this spokesperson be?” Interview of OKUP’s ED in SCCF, a French Magazine

Brief on the story published in ‘SCCF’: Omar’s father migrated to Iraq in 1978 and then in Dubai 1982. He in partnership with a Dubai Sheikh managed a business visa for Omar. Upon arrival in Dubai in 1991, Omar has his passport confiscated, he is not paid and understands that he will never be able […]

‘Only disbursement of loans would not help migrant workers much’

Disclaimer: OKUP does not own this article. All rights belong to its rightful owner/owner’s. The views and opinions included in this video/article belong to their author and do not necessarily mirror the views and opinions of OKUP Source: TBS Sweating in his white Toyota Camry parked in the shade of an acacia tree in Abu […]

OKUP against wage theft

OKUP stands in solidarity with Migrant Forum in Asia at this extremely difficult time, when migrant workers’ situation has significantly worsened. OKUP shares the profound concerns that have arisen due to large scale returns, deportations, and repatriations of migrants. Hundreds of thousands of migrant workers have returned home empty-handed with nothing but a few personal […]

Returned migrants to get group loan for rehabilitation

The government would provide loan to returned migrant workers at four per cent interest through Probashi Kallyan Bank for rehabilitation at home. Wage Earners Welfare Board on Sunday signed a memorandum of understanding for granting Tk 200 crore to the bank as loan without interest for facilitating the project for rehabilitating the returnee workers under supervision […]

OKUP welcomed the government decision of including the migrant workers and their families to the social safety net programme

The government has decided to provide food assistance to the migrant workers who returned home from different countries during coronavirus pandemic. Under a safety net programme of the Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief, each of the returnees would be provided with 10kilogramme rice, five-kilogramme flour, one-kilogramme lentils, one- kilogramme salt and one litre of […]

Minister congratulates OKUP

  Bangladesh’s position is upgraded to Tier-2 from the watch list’ in the US Trafficking in Persons’ report. “This significant step reflects Bangladesh’s progress in combating human trafficking over the past year, including standing up seven anti-trafficking tribunals and taking action against recruiting agencies exploiting Bangladeshis seeking to work abroad,” the report said. Hon’ble Minister […]

90pc returnee workers cannot use job skills to earn livelihood

The vast majority of returnee migrant workers fail to utilise their skills for earning livelihood in the country due to lack of proper support mechanisms to use their work experience, a study has revealed. They also cannot go abroad again with better jobs based on their past experience as the government has yet to take […]

Introduce ‘reintegration’ loan for returnee migrant workers

Speakers at a programme on Wednesday suggested introducing reintegration loan scheme by banks and financial institutions (FIs) for returnee migrant workers to help them get involved with income generating activities. Although the banks make handsome profits through bringing remittance from abroad, they said, so far no bank has such reintegration scheme – meant for integrating […]

Women migration affects children left behind in Bangladesh: study, New Age reports

Children left behind by Bangladeshi female migrant workers from underprivileged areas fail to go school regularly due to different factors including their engagement in economic and households activities, according to a study report released Sunday. It shows that about 81 per cent of the children (male and female) left behind by women migrant workers were […]

13 get OKUP Media Award 2019

Ovibashi Karmi Unnayan Program (OKUP), a grassroots migrants’ organization working for promotion and protection of rights of Bangladeshi migrant workers since 2004. OKUP has announced its Annual Media Award 2019 for the journalists who contributed to the promotion of rights and dignity of Bangladeshi migrant workers and their access to justice. The award is given […]

Caregivers not taking much care of ‘em, FE reports

Arafat Ara Children, left behind by women migrant workers, lack family care, exposing them to different types of vulnerability including abuse. In absence of mothers, they are forced to take on an extra workload; many times they cannot continue education and experience early marriage. Children especially those in remote areas are more vulnerable, insiders have […]

The tale of lost childhood, report by FE

Arafat Ara Sharmin Aktar (not real name) is living almost alone at home. She is about to forget laughing and even playing with her mates. Sharmin, a 10 years old girl, is studying in class three at Char Shalepur Primary School. She is a daughter of a woman migrant worker. Her mother went to Jordan […]

Human Trafficking: Brazil arrests Bangladeshi ‘kingpin’, The Daily Star Reports

Brazilian federal police said they have arrested Saifullah Al-Mamun, born in Bangladesh and considered by authorities one of the world’s most prolific human traffickers. In an operation conducted on Thursday after collaboration with US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Brazilian police arrested members of a group allegedly implicated in a large scheme of smuggling people […]

Aljazeera: Abused Bangladeshi domestic workers struggle for justice at home

Traumatised Bangladeshi women who return home after being tortured and abused working in the Middle East rarely get justice because brokers intimidate them and they cannot afford legal aid, a rights group said on Wednesday. In interviews with 110 returnees, 86 percent did not receive their full salaries, 61 percent were physically abused, 24 percent […]

Reuters: Abused Bangladeshi housemaids struggle for justice at home

By Naimul Karim DHAKA, Oct 29 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Traumatised Bangladeshi women who return home after being tortured and abused working in the Middle East rarely get justice because brokers intimidate them and they cannot afford legal aid, a rights group said on Wednesday. Disclaimer: OKUP does not own this article. All rights belong […]

The Daily Star: Victim-centric justice system needed

Legal expert Prof Dr Mizanur Rahman wants a shift in the country’s justice system — from offender-centric to victim-centric — to ensure wellbeing of the affected. “What happens to victims when an offender is imprisoned? Their suffering does not end,” he said at a consultation on “Access to justice for Bangladesh migrant workers: improving the […]

The Daily Star: Abused abroad, humiliated at home

Reportet by: Porimol Palma On their return from the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia and Lebanon, abused female migrant workers often face intimidation and injustice during government arbitration at home. Many don’t even dare to file complaints fearing social stigma, while others face threats from the manpower brokers. These were the findings of a research […]

“BMET needs a separate wing for resolving migrant workers’ complaints”

Mr. Anisul Islam Mahmud MP, Chairman, Parliamentary Standing Committee on Ministry of Expatriate Welfare and Overseas Employment says that Bureau of Manpower, Employment and Training (BMET) needs to open a separate arbitration wing for resolving migrant workers’ complaints. He also said that remittance from the migrant workers is a key pillar of our country’s economic strength, […]


Shaheen Alam heard his mother’s voice crack on the other end of the phone, as she pleaded with him to rescue her from the torture by a trafficking network in Oman. She had gone there in May after being promised a decent job as a hospital cleaner. It was a trap. Disclaimer: OKUP does not […]

Human trafficking scenario dismays all

To utter dismay to conscious section of people, the absence of tribunal in dealing with the cases of human trafficking and worrying picture of rising trafficking have worsened the situation. Seven years have elapsed after the passage of the Prevention and Suppression of Human Trafficking Act in 2012, but no tribunal is in sight to […]

Labour migration equals trafficking in Bangladesh

Insufficient prospect for legal migration is leaving a negative impact on the practice of safe migration in Bangladesh. Trafficking is practiced in the guise of labour migration as the rackets of traffickers continue to recruit the aspirant migrants with the false promise of overseas employment. News source: http://www.newagebd.net/article/84369/labour-migration-equals-trafficking-in-bangladesh As victims of trafficking, Bangladeshi migrant workers, […]

41pc households with migrants to be poor without remittance: WB

Forty-one percent of households with at least one family member engaged as a migrant worker would be in poverty without remittance, said a senior World Bank official yesterday. International migration helps many households come out of poverty but challenges for migration are greater for the poor, said Stefano Paternostro, practice manager for social protection and […]

Protect migrant workers from middlemen: PM

  Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today asked the authorities concerned to be mindful so that the people who have gone abroad to attract good luck do not end up being cheated by middlemen. “We’ve to give a special attention so that no one is cheated by middlemen. We’ve the responsibility to look after their security […]

Bangladesh asks Brunei to deport suspects in human trafficking ring, bdnews reports

Bangladesh has suspended the passports of five citizens suspected of running a trafficking ring involving hundreds of workers in Brunei and asked the government there to deport them, a senior diplomat said on Friday. Bangladesh’s top diplomat in Brunei said he had received repeated complaints from workers who had paid thousands of dollars to be […]

Labour migration from Bangladesh to Mauritius increased

National daily Newage reported that Labour migration from Bangladesh to Mauritius increased fivefold in the past 14 years projecting more job demands in the coming days. Quoting BMET officials Newage said demand for Bangladeshi workers would increase in tourism destination Mauritius as the Bangladeshi working there earned the fame of hardworking people among their employers. […]

‘A trafficker lives here’ – Bangladesh uses red paint to mark suspects’ homes, bdnews reports

According to bdnews24.com, Bangladeshi border guards are painting warnings on the homes of suspected human and drug traffickers in eastern villages in a bid to curb to trafficking to India. Houses in villages near the border with northeast India have been marked in red paint with phrases such as “this is a human trafficker’s house”, […]

Malaysia announced amnesty for undocumented migrants

Malaysia unveils plan to send back undocumented migrants. It is called “Back For Good” program. Undocumented migrants in Malaysia can now opt to pay a RM700 (14,00 BDT) compound and voluntarily leave the country without risking arrest for illegally staying in Malaysia. It will take place from Aug 1 to Dec 31, 2019   After […]

Al Jazeera: Why Bangladeshi migrants board boats from Libya to reach Europe

Originally Published in Al Jazeera.com Disclaimer: OKUP does not own this video nor the image featured in the video. All rights belong to it’s rightful owner/owner’s. The views and opinions included in this video/article belong to their author and do not necessarily mirror the views and opinions of OKUP. It’s not known how many Bangladeshi […]