Upazila Stakeholder Consultation Meeting at Araihazar, Narayangonj


With the aim of informing the local administration about the actions of this project, an upazila level Stakeholders Consultation Meeting was organized at Araihazar Upazila under Narayangonj district of Bangladesh on 28 June 2018. The focus of the consultation was to sensitize local administration about safe migration and risks of labor trafficking, and build cooperation and collaboration with these stakeholders for creating an enabling environment for the implementation of other project activities.
The program was inaugurated by Mr. Aminul Islam, Field Officer of Araihazar Upazila and presided over by Mr. Abdullah Al Mamun, Program Manager of OKUP. Around 75 participants including local elected representatives of the Upazila Parishad along with concerned Upazila Administration including Social Service Officers, Family Planning Officer, Youth department Officer, Journalists, Teachers, Imam of mosques as well as migrant forum leaders, community leaders and so on participated in the meeting.

Voices of Partakers
At the second phase of meeting- participants were talked on migration and trafficking issues. They talked about the present state of migration and trafficking, measures need to taken by them as well as OKUP. Their voices include-
Family Planning Officer of Araihazar UP said, There is couple number of programs shown in television. People must watch these programs. Shariful Islam from Bramandi UP said, We need increase the awareness more. We may organize meetings at union parishad also to raise awareness
Mr. Habibur urged to organize meeting not only at union but also at ward and village level too. In support with Mr. Habibur Rahman, Journalist Mr. Mostofa Kamal urged to organize meeting at village level too. However, one of the Imam said, Before pre-departure level, we must consult with OKUP. We, the Imam may play role informing people on these issues at mosques.
One of the school teachers said, We may organize different programs at different level with lower number of participants but we may organize such awareness programs at school level where the number of participants (our students) will be high in number with lower cost and the impact will also be huge.
Couple of elected leaders said, We should bring to book the brokers under the related laws and regulations where OKUP may help us. Furthermore, miking on the process of migration and the risks of trafficking would be an important process to make people aware and to reduce trafficking.
At the end, Mr. Abdullah Al Mamun ended the program assuring to take initiatives based on the statement of key stakeholders.

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