Support and Service Program for Bangladeshi Migrant Workers in partnership with Manusher Jonno Foundation


OKUP has signed partnership agreement with Mnusher Jonno Foundation in September 2013 for the implementation of the project named “Support and Service Program for Bangladeshi Migrant Workers”. The project aims to contributing to the protection of rights and defence of Bangladeshi migrant workers and foster their socio-economic development

The project has been implemented in Sonargoan upazila (sub-district) in Narayangonj district. Major activities of the project are to organize different outreach activities, orientations and trainings for potential migrant workers and their families and communities; establish cooperation and referrals with local stakeholders and service providers through sensitization orientations, trainings, workshops; organize migrant workers and left behind families for self-help. The project is supported to reach out around 6000 migrants and families as direct beneficiary.

The project is funded for three years from September 2013 to December 2016. Total value of the project is US$ 115,071 equivalent to BDT 8,860,514.