Staff Capacity Enhancement Training


OKUP has organized three day staff capacity enhancement training under the project promotion safe migration and rights of Bangladeshi migrant workers: pre-departure, post-arrival and reintegration with the support of Caritas Luxembourg at BACE training centre, Narayangonj from 14 to 16 March, 2017. The training aimed to enhance the capacity of staffs, particularly on new issues related to labor migration and anti human trafficking as well as to find out the major challenges and gaps of existing strategies in terms of activity implementation. The major endeavor of this training was to attain some key objectives included (i) revisiting the implementation strategies of different activities, like, door to door campaign, one day pre-decision training, outreach campaign, spouse group orientation, MISC service, reintegration activities etc (ii) redesign and review the reporting and documentation process (iii) engagement of Migrant Forum more actively.

A total number of 33 participants from four field offices and head office participated at this training. OKUP chairperson Mr. Sakhirul Islam, Executive Director Mr. Omar Faruque Chowdhury and Program Manager A A Mamun, facilitated the training. Different participatory methods including power point presentations, group discussions, question answering, open floor discussion, role play etc followed to conduct the sessions. At the end of the training, participants have understood their gaps and challenges; improved their knowledge and committed to work for upholding the rights and dignity of Bangladeshi migrant workers and trafficked persons.