Sharing Meeting on anti-human trafficking and promotion of safe migration with Upazila level stakeholder


Ovibashi Karmi Unnayan Program (OKUP) has organized a Sharing meeting at Araihazar Upazila Meeting Room on 29 January, 2017 with local stakeholders to share findings from union level to reduce risk of irregular migration and human trafficking by sea route. The meeting was supported by IOM (International Organization for Migration). The objective of the meeting was to make people informed about the process of safe migration and make them aware about the bad impact of sailing to Malaysia through sea route. At this meeting a total 50 stakeholders including Upazila Nirbahi Officer, Union Parishad representatives, journalists, NGO representatives, migrant forum members and other social actors participated. UNO of Araihazar Upazila , Mr. Md. Kamal Hossain was the chief guest while Mr. Aman Ullah Aman (chairman, Mahmudpur Union); Abu Taleb Mallah ( chairman, Fatepur Union); Nazim Uddin (chairman, Uchipura Union); Nurul Muktar (Chairman, Khakkanda); O.C Investigation Mr. Safiul Alam; Masum Billah (president of Araihazar press club) were also attended the meeting. Program Manager of OKUP A A Mamun facilitated the program.

In his opening discussion Mr. Mamun, Program manager talked about the present situation of migration by sea route and highlighted the importance of making people aware about the consequences of sailing to Malaysia by boat/ship. When people migrate through sea route they make themselves vulnerable to human trafficking he emphasized. On this topic chairmen of different Unions gave their valuable suggestions and recommendations and asked to get supports from different sectors to overcome the situation in a more sustainable instant. Chief guest Md. Kamal Hossain, UNO Araihazar gave some important recommendations to secure potential migrants specifically from human trafficking. We should appeal to our government for establishing Manpower Office at Araihazar Upazilla for securing the potential migrants from fraudulence of middleman, he added. Its also very crucial for our government to encourage skill migration by providing training at technical training centre, Mr. Hossain emphasized. An open floor discussion was afterward moderated where significant issues from the returnee migrants, migrant forum members, journalists and the concerned authorities raised to make structural changes to empower people about the issues of safe and informed migration and reduce the number of human trafficking within. At the conclusion the participants emphasized the Government organization, civil society and mass people need to work on these issues together and OKUP is dedicated to bring these recommendations to the respective authorities so that necessary initiatives can be taken to stop human trafficking through sea route.

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