Promotion Safe Migration and Rights of Bangladeshi Migrant Workers – Phase II in partnership with Caritas Luxembourg


Caritas Luxembourg along with its back donors has extended partnership with OKUP for the second term of July 2014 to June 2017 to implement the project “Promotion Safe Migration and Rights of Bangladeshi Migrant Workers”. The project aims to contributing to the sustainable development of the migrants and their communities through establishing a sustainable structure of community-based services for migrants through unity, leadership and socio-economic development of the returned migrants and female spouses of the current migrants.

Major activities of the project are to organize the returnee migrant workers and their families in order to empower them and capacitated to provide information and services related to safe and successful migration, protection of rights and dignity of migrants and families, participate and put own perspective in migration and development related discourses; improve quality of pre-departure services through development of country-specific training materials including language guide and ensure easily access of migrants both at origin and destination to these materials; and assist OKUP in increasing institutional sustainability as a migrant association.

The project has been implementing in Dhaka and four sub-districts in Bangladesh namely Araihazar in Narayangonj, Munshigonj Sadar, Narsingdi Sadar, and Brahmmanpara in Comilla district. Total value of this phase of the project is EURO 148, 147 equivalent to BDT 14,814,700.

First phase of the project has successfully been implemented during the period of November 2010 to March 2013. The project had been able to establish four Migrant Information and Support Centre (MISC) in four project areas; Ovibashi Helpline; a Shelter for the mostly vulnerable returnee migrant workers. The project had also been able to establish cross border referrals with a Lebanon based organization and extended onsite as well as repatriation and reintegration assistance to Bangladeshi migrant workers in Lebanon. Under the project, OKUP signed MoU with Bureau of Manpower Employment and Training (BMET) and started a country-specific residential pre-departure training for Lebanon bound Women Domestic Workers in cooperation with Bangladesh-Korea Technical Training Centre based in Dhaka. The project had been able to provide direct information and services to around 60,000 migrants and their families during three years, and made several good practices to be replicated either by the government or other organizations including helpline, cross-border referrals, country-specific pre-depature training and also community-based pre-decision orientations to assist potential migrants in taking informed decision for safe and successful migration.