Integrated Services of Safe Migration, HIV Prevention and Care for Migrant Workers and Families in partnership with CARAM Asia


OKUP has been partnered with CARAM Asia in January 2014 for implementation of the project “Integrated Services for Safe Migration, HIV Prevention and Care for Migrant Workers and Families”. The project aims to increasing access of Migrant Workers and people living with HIV and AIDS to HIV, STI and health information to reduce risks of HIV and social consequences at family and community; advocating for policy changes to prioritize vulnerability of migrants and its affected community in the formulation and implementation of HIV and AIDS policy frameworks and strengthening of reintegration strategies; and reducing the vulnerability to HIV and related stigma and discrimination of migrant workers and their spouses through meaningful participation and capacity building.

Major activities of the project are to conduct pre-departure orientation sessions for potential migrant workers on the prevention of HIV; capacity building of HIV positive migrants and their spouses on health rights, and human rights and access to legal and welfare services; Review of policies for ending discrimination against MWs and Positive MWs; policy advocacy to recognize vulnerabilities of migrant worker and to adequately prioritize needs and social impact of HIV among migrants in the HIV and AIDS policies and frameworks; and deliver gender sensitive and migrant friendly services through positive network groups and reintegration program.

The project is funded by Robert Carr Fund for Civil Society Networks (RCNF) for the period of January 2014 to December 2015. Total value of the project is USD$ 31,600 equivalent to BDT 2,401,600.