Consultation on Media Camp II for the Bangladesh Road-show

Media Camp-II

Ovibashi Karmi Unnayan Program (OKUP) has arranged a day long consultation on Media Camp II for the Bangladesh Road-show on 22 August 2017 at Regional Cooperative Training Institution, Narsingdi with the support of IOMX and USAID. The media camp was inaugurated by Tara Dermott, Program Leader of IOM X, Thailand and facilitated by Asma Khatun, National Programme Officer, IOM Bangladesh and A A Mamun, Program Manager of OKUP. The main objective of that consultation was to collect feedback on proposed video documentaries developed under a project which is implemented by OKUP at Narsingdi, Narayangonj and Kishoregonj to counter human trafficking and promote safe and informed migration. Government officials, development activists as well as local stakeholders and journalists were the participants of the consultation. Previously two workshops were organized in consecutive manner in the same venue with the objective of developing information package (audio/video) for migrant workers for their safe and informed migration and to save themselves from human trafficking. In linkage to information received in previous workshops, couples of video documentaries were made.

One representative from LEA told his opinion

In the first half, four videos were shown to the participants conveying the messages of benefits of safe and documented migration and curse of fate and undocumented migration in vice with the regard to their feedback. Participants gave their opinion throughout the whole session spontaneously on how these video documentaries can be made more sound, communicative and effective. In the second half, participants explored and expressed the potential medium to disseminate documentaries to the masses especially aspirant migrants and their families. The final products (documentaries) will be launched on 20 September, 2017 at Dhaka. OKUP will arrange outreach campaign at mentioned three districts where the documentaries will be showed.