Consultation Meeting on Fair and Ethical Overseas Recruitment held in Char-Shalepur Union, Charbhadrasan, Faridpur


Ovibashi Karmi Unnayan Program (OKUP) organized a stakeholders consultation meeting on fair and ethical overseas recruitment practice in Charshalepur Union, Charbhadrasan on 1st of October, 2017. Designed under the Work in Freedom (WiF) Project, the meeting was supported by International Labour Organization (ILO) and UK Aid and coordinated by the Ministry of Expatriate Welfare and Overseas Employment, Bangladesh. The objective of the meeting was to improve fair and ethical overseas recruitment practice and develop monitoring root level monitoring mechanisms on the overseas recruitment process. The meeting is expected to sensitize local government representatives (i.e Union Parisad Chairman, Members) and other key stakeholders as well as motivate local recruiting agents and sub-agents towards fair and ethical overseas recruitment practice.

Mr. K M Ali Reza, Deputy Chief (Planning and Development), Ministry of Expatriate Welfare and Overseas Employment, Bangladesh attended at the meeting as the Chief Gust while Md. Amir Hossen Khan, Chairman, Char Shalepur Union Parisad, Charbhadrasan chaired the meeting. A total 67 stakeholders including local government representatives (i.e. elected members of the Union Parisad), village level recruiting agents and sub-agents, returnee migrant workers and other Union level stakeholders (i.e. teachers, local religious and community leaders, social elites etc.) participated in this meeting.
As the Chief Guest of the meeting, Mr. KM Ali Reza expressed his interest to work together for the community people to reduce exploitation and trafficking and promote fair and ethical practice of overseas recruitment from grassroots level.
Finally, the meeting was focused on promotion of fair and ethical practice in overseas recruitment process in grassroots level. It is expected that, following the meeting, a special Migrant Rights Protection Committee (MRPC) will be formed in the Union in order to promote fair and ethical overseas recruitment practice, particularly to monitor recruitment in grassroots area.